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NOTICE: The information below has
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Drug Administration. This information
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cure, or prevent any disease.

Moxxor is a concentrated superfood supplement made primarily from the extract of green-lipped mussels grown in aquaculture farms near the coast of New Zealand. It has been eaten for hundreds of years by the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand who are well known to exhibit a very low incidence of arthritis symptoms such as pain or joint swelling.


The Difference between Moxor and cheaper green-lipped mussel products:
Some people have been asking about the differences between Moxor and cheaper green-lipped mussel products. Here's an answer on the difference between Moxor and a product called "Sea Mussel" from Blue Dragon: (answer provided by Jeremy, the Moxor science advisor):
Be aware there are a number of very significant dfferences between Moxor and Blue Dragon;
1. The freeze-dried powder in Blue Dragon has come from cooked mussels as a by-product rejected from the food industry due to its size or over cooking. The efficacy or effectiveness doesn't even compare with Moxor.
2. 150mg of the extract in Moxor is the same as 3000mg of Blue Drago mussel powder.
3. The Blue Dragon mussel powder will not provide the same anti-inflamatory effect that Moxor will provide as the omega-3's it contains will have been oxidized in the cooking and freeze-drying process.
4. Moxor only uses greenlip mussels that have been selected for our proprietary extraction and does not use "seconds" from the food industry.
5. Moxor does not remove the flesh of the mussel from the shell by using heat.
6. Moxor does not use a 24 hour freeze-drying process that allows oxidation over this period.
7. Moxor will contain 20 times the amount of Omega-3's that the Blue Dragon mussel powder contains.




* "GLM Formula A" is formulated with 4mg of green-lipped mussel oil and 16mg of olive oil. We believe Moxxor to be far superior to this formula, as every 20mg of Moxxor contains more than twice the amount of green-lipped mussel oil found in "GLM Formula A," combined with deep marine fish oil as the second ingredient. Although we do not yet have the clinical trial data documenting this, we believe upcoming clinical trials will show Moxxor to be at least two times the potency of "Formula A" that was used in this study. Moxxor is made only with raw, fresh green-lipped mussel oil and is never freeze-dried or heated. Moxxor is planning clinical trials that we believe will show these higher potency scores, and the results of those studies will be made public as soon as they are available. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Moxxor is not intented to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure any disease.